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Handmade easy to use wax seals to add a special touch to any project. Easy to attach on any invitation, gift, card, etc. Because they are handmade, each seal will vary slightly.

Each order requires a custom stamp to be made since there are so many different letter combinations. There is extra production involved in the process but the results are beautiful and personal.


Seals are approximately 1” in diameter but that can vary slightly due to the material

Double Sided adhesive round on the back of each seal.

The wax is a combination of real wax and resin to create a slightly flexible seal. That allows for a bit more ease if you are mailing them as they are less likely to crack or break. (If you do plan to use them on an outer envelope, hand cancelling is recommended by the post office as the seals cannot go through the sorting machines.)

Custom Monogram Wax Seal

PriceFrom $117.50
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