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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you offer samples?
    Yes, samples are available under each listing's quantity.
  • How many seals per pack?
    Most seal quantities are sold in sets of 10 (ex. Set of 10, Set of 20). However some specialty designs, like numbers, are listed in specific quantities. For example, “No. 1-5” gives you one of each number 1 through 5.
  • When will my order ship?
    Standard seal orders take about 1-3 days to make. If you order quantities of 150+ they may take up to 5 days to make. I do my best to get things out as soon as possible. Feel free to reach out if you have a specific deadline.
  • How do I order if I need irregular quantities of each number (ex. 5 of Number 1, 4 of Number 2, etc.)?
    Just reach out and let us know what you need. We can create a custom invoice for you. Its very common with weddings and events so don’t hesitate to ask.
  • I am looking for a specific color/design:
    Please reach out with your request. Many times if you are looking for a certain color or design (not custom like a monogram or logo) we can usually find something with one of our vendors.
  • Will the seals melt or break?
    The wax we use is a blend of resin and wax which allows it to hold at higher temperatures. That also gives more flexibility to prevent cracking or breaking when mailed.
  • Can I use wax seals in the mail?
    Yes. Seals can be used on the outside of your envelopes. There may be an extra charge due to the added weight of the seal and the added thickness. We recommend requesting hand cancelling by the post office to limit the number of machines they pass through. It is always best to ask your local post office how they suggest handling them.
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